If Remote Alaska fishing is your dream Alaska vacation, Here's the best way!
If Remote Alaska fishing is your dream Alaska vacation, Here's the best way!

If remote Alaska fishing is your dream Alaska vacation, here’s the best way.

Are you someone who’s never fished before?

Maybe you’re a serious angler wanting a week at an exclusive backcountry fishing lodge?

A casual “caster” looking for a day of reeling on your own?

34,000 miles of coastline, lakes and rivers

With 34,000 miles of coastline and countless pristine lakes and rivers, Alaska fishing is something you can fit in anywhere on your itinerary.  It’s easy, affordable, and takes only a few hours.

You’ll likely be going after the Big Two: salmon and halibut.

The salmon range from pan-size to nearly 100 pounds, while halibut can weigh hundreds of pounds. Getting your catch home may be easier than reeling it in.  This is why most charters offer filleting, freezing and shipping.

Those charters may be on the wide open ocean or a river.

Either way top-flight guides offer up everything you need: all the tackle and instruction to give you an incredible experience.

Alaska guides vastly simplify your work and make it easier to catch a fish.

Urban fishing or fly-in trip

Urban fishing usually means bumping elbows with other anglers, though. If it’s your dream to fish in the middle of nowhere, consider a fly-in trip, which gets you beyond the reach of roads and most other anglers. You may even share a wilderness stream with bears and eagles.



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