Get the best Northern Lights Experience in Alaska
Get the best Northern Lights Experience in Alaska

As big as Alaska is,  it’s known for its beauty, culture and people.  Here are Alaska’s 5 Must-Visit Spots for your Bucket List.

Alaska is home to some of the largest state and national parks in the country, as well as some of the most expansive wilderness areas in North America. Hiking, paddling, fishing, and whale spotting are a few of the many ways to enjoy these wilderness treasures.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Protecting much of the fjord-riddled coastline of the Kenai Peninsula (south of Anchorage), this national park offers some of the best sightseeing in Alaska.

Many tourist options converge in the surrounding areas, including the end of Highway 1 in Homer.

The only area in the park accessible by vehicle is Exit Glacier, where several trails offer closer views at the end of the icefield.

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Alaska Highway

Also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway, or Alcan Highway, The Alaska Highway runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia (Canada) through the Yukon Territory to Delta Junction near Fairbanks.

Motels, shops, and gas stations lie at intervals of 30 to 50 miles. Travelers should to pack accordingly, as much of the route traverses through remote landscapes.

University of Alaska Museum of the North

Located in Fairbanks, the University of Alaska Museum of the North includes more than one million historical artifacts. The collection includes ethnological items made and used by indigenous groups and a fine arts collection that focused on Alaskan art.

The museum is free for students and faculty of the university, and the public is welcome with paid admission.

Address: 1962 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, Alaska

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Alaska Railroad

Known as the “Backbone of the Last Frontier,” the Alaska Railroad is a highlight of Alaska’s history and still used. From Seward to Fairbanks, this railroad helped develop Anchorage from a tent town to modern-day, and the line played an important shipping role in World War II.

In modern times, the Alaska Railroad is owned by the state and shuttles more than 500,000 passengers each year. Destinations include the Chugach National Forest, Anchorage, and Denali National Park & Preserve.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Heritage Center is located outside Anchorage. It includes The Gathering Place for Alaska Native dancing and storytelling and the Hall of Cultures, complete with exhibits and local vendors displaying handmade crafts and works of art.

The scenic Lake Tiulana is also on the grounds, surrounded by traditional dwellings of Alaska Natives.

Address: 8800 Heritage Center Drive, Anchorage

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